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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Patio Door Repair Weekend

It’s weekend and as usual, mom is cleaning the house and dad is fixing something in the patio. I wanted to go out of the room and help but I am just so lazy to do that today. I went out with some of my good old friends last night and now, I am so tired, I don’t wanna move.

Earlier this morning when breakfast was served, dad asked me to help him with some patio door repair. Our patio door’s been busted for a week now and since it’s Sunday, dad is here and trying to fix almost everything in the house. I did not say yes, I just nodded because I am not sure if I can help because I was really tired. Haha. Yeah, I understood fixing that patio door would save us money and energy cost since not much A/C gets out of the house. Our patio door doesn’t close automatically so dad was planning to get an automatic door for convenience.

Right now, I am just here in my room, blogging and I can hear dad fixing our door. I’m a bit guilty so I will end this now, go down and help dad.

I hope everyone will have a great weekend!

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