Wednesday, March 6, 2019

HE Gives Laughter....

Ooooh I was not happy.  My life was imploding, and all my best laid plans were in disarray.  What was worse?  I had prayed all manner of prayers, I had quoted scripture upon scripture, I had declared out loud my faith in GOD's ability to turn things around in my favor.  So did HE?  NO!  Well, not exactly in the manner I had wanted or expected.  So yes, I was not happy.  Scratch that, I was ANGRY 😡😡😡, particularly, at GOD.  How could HE?  Why would HE?  Had HE not said HE would answer our prayers!?!  

The funny (not haha...well maybe, haha) thing was that even though I was angry with GOD, I also knew that HE was my Only source of help, so I tried to keep my anger to myself, mostly fuming in my head.  Hmm...  Like HE did not know what was going on in my mind and heart 😉😌. 

On one particularly rough day, I came back to my apartment for a quick break from running errands.  When I got ready to leave to continue with my errands, I could not find my apartment key.  I looked everywhere, and I could not find it.  That sure Did.Not.Help!  I got super frustrated, and after a few more unsuccessful attempts at finding the key, I stormed out to get the spare.  It was only when I got out, and heard the click that it hit me - the only way I could have gotten in was with my key, sooo it was definitely in the apartment.  Oh, so what was new 😑.   

I got the spare, and still frustrated, stormed back to my apartment, throwing a 'mini', internal hissy fit - you know, the 'I can't believe You would let this happen to me' kind.  

It was then that GOD decided to step in and teach me a thing or two. 

Not too long before this implosion that was my life, I had been discussing the story of Job with a colleague, particularly, the part about GOD coming in and rebuking Job, after he and his friends had gone on and on about his (Job’s) situation.  Also, as a way to escape from my woes, I had been watching a lot of sitcoms - giving GOD all the tools HE needed for this lesson.  

Because, right in the middle of my fit, I heard, clear as day, “Girrrrll, don’t let me get started on my ‘where were you when I laid the foundations’ speech,” (please check out Job Chapter 38 for this speech).

I stopped dead in my tracks, and thought, “okayyy, we would not want that,” and just burst out laughing.   As I laughed, I felt the weight I had been carrying around begin to lift, and the fear that had consumed me, also began to fade.  

Things did not turn around immediately, nor did they work out the way I would have wanted then, but I made it through, with a few more stumbles into fits, along the way. 😉😊

Thinking about it afterwards, it amazed me that even in the middle of my hissy fit, GOD found a way to remind me that HE was with me, and also that HE has a sense of humor 😃.  

That day, and many times afterwards, I have found that HE gives me something to laugh about, even in the midst of the hard times, and that helps me get through them.

GOD promises in Isaiah 43:2-3a (NIV,,  

2 When you pass through the waters,
   I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
   they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
   you will not be burned;
   the flames will not set you ablaze.
3 For I am the LORD your God,
   the Holy One of Israel, your Savior

And in Matthew 28:20b (NIV,, HE assures us, "And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” 

So, do not be surprised if you find yourself laughing or smiling, when everything would dictate otherwise; GOD's got You 😊.

Be Blessed 🙏,


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