Wednesday, March 20, 2019

I Love It When This Happens

We had received a recommendation to use a certain brand of sunscreen/bug repellent lotion for our Lil' One.  However, we already had a different one, and wanted to try it out first.  In spite of that, I still went ahead and put the recommended one in a shopping cart online (because it was on sale then, and sales are my love language 😉), but then I forgot about it.

Months later, we decided to get the recommended brand because the first one we got did not work as we wanted, but of course, the sale was over on the website I had visited previously, and it was back to its original price (about twice the sale price). Let us just say this Mama was not happy about that. 😞

We needed it though, so I held my nose, and clicked to put it in the cart. Once I did, I realized that there were other things already in the cart.  Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the ones I had placed in the cart months before were still there, AND Still.At.The.Sale.Price.  What!?!?  You know what happened, right?  This Mama burst out some moves for the Lord. 💃💃💃 

I just love it when HE does stuff like that - taking care of things even before I know they are a problem.

Once again GOD reminded me that HE really does have my back; and that from eternity to eternity, [HE is GOD] (Isaiah 43:13, NIV,!

HE truly has ALL time covered - now and then.

So do not worry that you cannot see into the future, HE's got your back! 😊.

Be Blessed 🙏,