Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Turned Around

There is a gas station I like to use in my neighborhood.  Whenever I go there, I like to enter in through one entrance, with my car pointed in the direction of the other entrance, (on the opposite end), which I prefer to use as my exit so that I have a straight shot out of there (I am a straight shot kinda person 😎😊).

This one day, as I drove in to get some gas, the only available pump meant I had to turn my car around, away from my preferred exit.  My linear self was not happy 😏.  While you obviously can get out through the first entrance, it is a little more challenging to merge onto the main road from there (another reason why I prefer 'my exit' - there is a method...😉).

Well, guess what! I had barely begun to pump the gas, when I saw a huuuuge fuel tanker trying to back up into the gas station through my preferred exit.  This tanker was so huuuuuge (😃) that it could not enter the gas station fully, and so it ended up blocking that entrance/exit; which meant I could not have left that way, anyway.  Hmm....🤔

As I looked on, GOD pointed out to me that, because HE is Omniscient, HE knew what lay ahead (that I could not have used my preferred way out), and that is why HE turned me around, in anticipation of the blocked exit.

Wow 😮! How amazing is that!!! 

I should not have been surprised though, because GOD says in Revelation 22:13,

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End (NIV, biblegateway.com);

and HE also declares,

I make known the end from the beginning,  from ancient times, what is still to come (Isaiah 46:10a, NIV, biblegateway.com).

So, if you find yourself going in the opposite direction to where you had intended, it might be that GOD turned you around, away from a 'roadblock'.

HE loves You, and HE's got Your back 😊!

Be Blessed 🙏,


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